Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Multimedia Technologies

The aim of the PHD in Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Multimedia Technologies is to train specialists able to combine traditional knowledge in the visual and performing arts with technological skills that can be applied in specific research and educational sectors. In order to provide these capabilities, the PHD's course offerings include a wide variety of subjects: filology and history of artistic goods from the Medioeval period to nowadays, history of art movements from the Medioval period to the Avanguards, applied arts studies, history of art collections, museum studies, art critiques, history of italian theatre and history of italian and international cinema. The challenges and opportunities that the technological sector offers to research and education within the arts sector are approached from a theoretical and practical point of view; in this respect courses and projects are offered both by the PHD and the School. In particular, the projects offered by the PHD focus on the acquisition and elaboration of bidimensional and tridimensional images applied to the visual and performing arts sector and the set up of textual databases concerning the above mentionned disciplines. Professors from other italian universities and researchers from the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa Institute enrich the course of study thanks to their experience in the management of digital and multimedia contents applied to the arts sector. The Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa Institute has established in 2008 a Laboratory of informatics named LARTTEwith which the PHD cooperates.

Since 2009 the PHD has signed important agreements both with theITD Institute l’ITD, , which is one of the researh insitutes of the Italian national research council and Città Digitale , body of the Assessorato ai Saperi e all'innovazione tecnologica of Genoa's Municipality. With this latter Insitute the PHD is currently working on a project for the implementation of an on-line multimedia communication system devoted to the arts. Also, the Fondazione Fondazione Carige di Genova, a Bank Foundation, offered a three years bursary to work on this project.